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 Detox Diet Tips: 4 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Body

Detox diet tips are great tools to help you obtain your weight loss goals.  I'm a definite true believer of detox diets. Cleansing our bodies of unwanted and harmful toxins that can hinder our weight loss efforts are a must, especially if we desire to achieve any type of successful weight loss goals. Look at it this way, if you want to get healthy and lose weight. You have to first get healthy to lose the weight, know what I'm saying? In this article I'm going to help you learn some great detox diet tips that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Detox Diet Tip #1: Eat plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Cut way back on the meat in your diet plan, and you'll lose weight faster and improve your overall health in no time. Most people who eat only plant-based foods (aka, vegetarians, vegans or raw foodist) generally eat fewer calories and less fat, weigh less, and have lower cholesterol levels than non-vegetarians.  Studies have shown this to be true by researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Try simple swaps like substituting a meatless protein such as tofu or seitan—for beef in your stir fry.  Once you’re on your detox regimen you’ll notice your overall energy level increasing.  Once you leave the meat alone your body’s digestive system will be able to rest and concentrate on detoxifying itself.

Detox Diet Tip #2: Choose Unprocessed and Unpackaged Foods

That’s right, no packaged or processed foods.  This means choosing whole, unprocessed foods and ditching anything with additives, preservatives or five-syllable ingredients that you need a chemistry Ph.D to understand. As In T.V nutritionist   Dr. OZ would say and advises, don't eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food (that means no sunny delight orange juice, microwave lean cuisine dinners, wheat thin crackers, potatoes chips or cookies). I’m sure you get the point by now. So, are you ready to make a "clean" break? Eat clean and be happy – just watch those pounds start to fall off you.

Detox Diet Tip #3: Drink Smart

Don't sabotage your healthy diet by sucking down drinks packed with enough sugar to set a classroom full of kindergarteners into a frenzy. Try swapping your sugary soda’s and sweet teas with antioxidant-packed green tea and water instead.  And instead of the frozen, whipped-cream-topped milkshake that's disguised as a coffee drink from Starbucks try whipping up a protein smoothie with fresh fruit and almond milk. With the right healthy ingredients, smoothies make the perfect meal on the go.  Now that’s something to raise a your glass to.

Detox Diet Tip #4: Drink Lemon Water

After using lemon water detox, your body will feel healthier and lighter which is a good sign that your lemon detox is working. Using this detox technique regularly will make you:

  1. Benefit from the nutrients from the foods that you eat – by cleansing your digestive system your colon will be able to absorb more nutrients from food which in turn will make your body healthier.
  2. Transform calories into energy – with a clean colon you are also able to benefit from the calories that you get from food as well. You will be able to efficiently burn calories instead of letting them be stored as ugly fat. And so, more calories burned equals more energy to be used for your daily activities
  3. Free your body from harmful effects of toxins and harmful microorganisms – toxins and microorganisms accumulate in your colon when you do not cleanse; similar to plumbing at home, you need to remove all dirt and food particles that obstruct the flow of water. Cleansing with lemon water will prevent digestive tract infections, accumulation of toxins that can affect digestion and may also affect other systems of the body.

You can reap the wonderful effects of lemon water detox when you start today. This method is possibly the most practical and the safest detox with no possible side effects whatsoever! I hope that you found these tips to helpful.  If you have any detox tips I would love to hear about them. Just do over to my contact page and post your detox tips.

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