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Why Reduce Belly Fat?
10 Reasons to Lose the Belly Jiggle

Why reduce belly fat?  It is not just about wanting to look and feel better.  There are many other reasons to reduce your waistline even before it starts to become a problem issue for you.

Man after Belly Fat Loss

But let’s think for a minute….

How often do you think about the size of your waistline or the muffin top topping your blue jeans? If you do not think too much about the fat stored around the center of your body, it is time to start giving belly fat more thought. Even a little jiggle in this area of the body could be life threatening, and you do not have to be obese or lead a sedentary lifestyle to endanger your life.

Ten Important Reasons to Shrink Your Waistline

1. Excessive belly fat puts you at increased risk for dementia later in life. If you value your memories and want to live a long life with full mental functioning, start taking care of your brain now by making efforts to reduce belly fat.

2. All of your vital organs are suffering from the excess fat in your abdominals. Fat is not only stored under the skin, but it is stored within and around your liver and other organs. This interferes with optimal functioning of those organs and puts your body in danger of organ failure, cancer, and other health problems in the future. You are also more likely to suffer a heart attack, develop heart disease, and/or develop cancer if you store excessive amounts of fat in the abdominal region.

3. Mobility is enhanced with a smaller, healthier body. Get up and sit in the middle of the floor, and then try to stand back up. Did you have to roll over to your hands and knees to get up? Did you hear any popping or feel any discomfort? If you weren’t comfortable getting down and up from the floor, then you have just experienced one of the biggest reasons to lose belly fat. You will be able to move around more comfortably.

4. When you reduce belly fat, you have less risk of injury when your core muscles are strong and free of excessive fat stores. As you lose the belly fat you will start moving around more with greater comfort, and you will be at much less risk of falling and injuring yourself. Your body relies upon your core muscles to support every movement taken, so ditch the fat in favor of strong muscle.

5. Breathing is easier without layers of fat covering your abdominal muscles. Your lungs and diaphragm feel the pressure of the excess belly fat, and they are unable to pull in fresh air efficiently. As you start to reduce belly fat, you will find that breathing is much easier, especially when you are in motion.

6. You are at greater risk for developing diabetes when you are overweight or obese. Take off the weight and you are much less likely to suffer from blood sugar problems, and that could save your life.

Proud Doctor

7. Your doctor will be proud of you. Next time you go to the doctor, make sure they check your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Ask them to tell you what those numbers mean and what health risks you are faced with if those numbers remain as they are or get higher. Then reduce belly fat and watch the surprise on your doctor’s face. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, and other important numbers will drop dramatically, reducing your risk for serious health conditions in the future. Your doctor will be impressed, but you should be even more impressed.

8. You will be treated differently by others. I know what you are thinking and I agree.  It may not be right to treat others according to their body weight and appearances, but it happens…every single day. Studies have shown that overweight people are less likely to get jobs and receive promotions. You can change the way you are perceived by others simply by choosing to reduce belly fat.

9. You will find it easier to accept and love yourself with a healthier body. Have you ever looked in the mirror and cringed? Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself while walking by a mirror and realized you didn’t recognize yourself? It can be shocking when you really look at yourself and see how you have changed over the years. You will you have more confidence and trust in yourself when you look in the mirror and know you have worked hard to achieve the healthy body you see.

10. Smaller people fit into the world a little easier. If you are overweight or obese, you know what I mean.  You know that there are many obstacles in the world for heavy people. You may not fit into chairs in waiting rooms, restaurant booths are too uncomfortable to enjoy a meal in, and airplane seats are not designed to reach around extended stomachs. Most of the exciting things you may want to do for fun have weight limits, such as roller coasters and ziplines. When you get rid of the jiggle in your stomach, you will find that you fit into the world in a new way. The world is made for you, and you are more comfortable getting out and experiencing new things.

Don’t Be Scared.  Just Do Something About It!

Do any of these reasons to eliminate belly fat scare you? Are you now thinking about belly fat in a different manner? Use this enlightenment to learn more about the risks of belly fat and to start learning how to get rid of the jiggle you have already accumulated.

Your life will be longer, happier, and healthier if you start combatting belly bulge today. You CAN do it!

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