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Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat 

Ready to get rid of belly fat?  Then these exercises will help you destroy that fat and help you look and feel better faster.

Belly Fat Exercises

If you could snap your fingers and instantly have the stomach of your dreams, what would that dream look like? Are you dreaming of that bikini-worthy perfectly flat stomach? Are you dreaming of a totally ripped six pack? Do you just want more shape or curve in the middle of your body? No matter what your vision of the dream stomach may be, the first step of your transformation is to get rid of belly fat.

How to Get Started:

You could start by toning and strengthening your stomach muscles, but if those muscles are covered by a blanket of fat you won’t see that amazing stomach when you look in the mirror. If your goal is a flat stomach, then you know lumpy fat has to go before you can come anywhere near your dream.

There is a dietary element to ridding your body of belly fat, but exercise is an important key as well. Following are some of the top exercises proven to burn calories and rid your body of fat when performed on a consistent basis.

Best Belly Fat Busters:

Planks -   Lie flat on the floor, face down, and then lift up into push-up position. Hold your body tight and still and hold that pose. This is the basic plank position. It should be performed with your toes and palms holding your body off the floor in a straight position, but beginners may start with their knees on the ground and work up to straightening the legs.

Play around with other plank positions, such as holding your body on the side of your foot and one arm for a side plank. You may only be able to hold a plank position for a few seconds at first, but make sure you are holding until you really cannot bare to keep the position another moment. This is an uncomfortable exercise that delivers major results for the entire core of your body.

Ball Exercises

Ball Exercises - Lying on the floor to perform strength-building exercises can strain your neck and back muscles. Avoid that problem by performing exercises on a fitness ball. You can even sit on your fitness ball while working or watching television to engage your stomach muscles and help them firm up and stay strong as you burn off the fat.

You can perform sit-ups, crunches, side crunches, leg raises, and a variety of upper body movements while sitting on the ball, and your core muscles will engage throughout every movement to keep your body stabilized. Simple movements can also be effective and fun, such as raising the ball up over your head then controlling your body as you bend to lower it to the floor, and back up again.

Cardio Sessions - The strength and toning exercises presented above are excellent ways to work on the shape of your belly and help you feel stronger, but cardiovascular exercise sessions are essential to help get rid of belly fat. This type of exercise increases your heart rate, keeps your metabolism high even after the workout, and allows you to eat a reasonable amount of calories without standing in the way of your own weight loss and fat burn.

Cardio exercise can be as simple as going out for a walk, but the more you push yourself to walk faster or incorporate added weight the more benefit you will get from your sessions. You can also start jogging or running, use an elliptical machine, walk or run up and down stairs, or hit the pool to swim laps. Interval training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions are excellent to get rid of belly fat as well.

Try to mix cardio sessions with strength training sessions, or perform circuits that include strength building exercises and bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate high. Circuit training allows you to strengthen, tone, and burn calories at one time so you can workout less and get impressive results.

Make It Fun!

Belly fat busting exercise must be performed over and over for a long period of time to deliver the best results. Once you stop challenging your body in this way, the belly fat is likely to come right back.

That is why you have to make exercise fun!

Dance in your living room to boost your heart rate, or find a local Zumba class. Workout with a friend. Challenge yourself to make progress and earn a reward.

You can do it!  Just get creative and you will have that belly of your dreams before you know it.

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