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How to Detox Your Body on a 7 Day Plan

There are several ways that you can learn how to detox your body. Remember, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean that it works for everybody. Each person is different, so we need to find out the best alternative to help us meet our specific goals.   

Each detox type has its own specific purpose and benefits; once you learn how to detox your body properly you’ll experience the benefit that the body is awarded with by eliminating toxins and helping to create renewed healthier and newly regenerated tissues and cells.

A Detox cleanse is intended to clean your liver, pancreas, kidneys and your blood stream, it also helps with the elimination of belly fat cells as well. Supposedly this process helps to remove toxins from your body and leaving you in a healthier state for a fresh new start to your health.

We are living in the most toxic environment in history. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and most importantly the products we use everyday are polluted with heavy toxins. Frankly I'm surprised they never taught us as young children how to detox your body as a way to maintaining our health. 

Most of us also need to rid ourselves of other substances like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.  If you generally eat a poor diet a detox diet is a great idea.

Type of Detox Cleanses

how to detox your body

Please do not get overwhelmed with the variety of detox cleanses on the market these days; generally there are just a few cleanses that I know a licensed physician would support. 

I’ve always stayed with a cleanse that promotes eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. I’m going to list some basic cleanse that I have tried and had great success with.

How to detox your body with the lemon cleanse

Master Cleanse, Lemonade Diet- The lemonade diet is a detoxification program originally written by the late Stanley Burroughs.

The Master Cleanser diet was written in the 1940s and continues to be popular to this day. I own a current version of this book that was re-published in 1976. It’s a 50 page booklet outlining the diet.

You can find this book on Amazon. I experienced very good results with my belly fat weight loss during this cleanse. It was mostly water weight, but it was weight and that was all that mattered to me.

This dietary regime is strictly a cleansing diet. Weight loss will occur, but it is not to be equated with fat loss. Much of the weight that is lost will be from fluid and water retention.—but it’s (loss) and that’s what I wanted to achieve.

Fruit Flush

The 3 day Fruit Flush Plan is for people who feel they are in need of a detox and are showing signs that may include bloating, fatigue, ache joints, easy exhaustion , irritability and carbohydrate addiction. I found this 3 day cleanse was pretty easy to do

I own this book as well and I deem it to be a very good read. The author of this book is named Jay Robb, he is a weight loss expert who also has a line of whey protein products, and I really respect his work. 

Fruit forms the basis of this diet and its high content of water, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and low glycemic index carbohydrates are said to help dissolve toxins improve liver function and increase energy levels.

This cleanse will most certainly show you how to detox your body properly with some helpful added tips.

Raw Food Cleanse 

I learned how to do this cleanse by trial and error on so many different levels, but It really works.  I never felt so good during my time of cleansing, especially in comparison with the other regimens I’ve tried.

Setting yourself a goal of eating at least 80% whole, fresh, raw, ripe, organic foods will give you amazing results. Some people experience detoxification symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue while others report none at all. I particularly had headaches for a few days, but I prepared for it and knew it was a part of the detoxification process.

This Raw Food Cleanse is based on raw juices, green smoothies, salads and low-glycemic fruits. It gives your body systems a chance to rest, restore and rejuvenate itself to its most natural state.

Put some spring in your step and feel lighter and more active every day with a fiber supplement in conjunction with the type of cleanse you choose, but all fibers are not created equal so do some research to find out which ones are best for you. I’ve listed a few fiber choices that I’ve tried and had good experiences with. 

  • Metamucil
  • Psyllium Husk Powder (Yerba Prima)
  • Fiber Choice

Water and Hydration

Please note that when you learn how to detox your body you incorporate plenty of water in this plan.  Water is generally the main ingredient that will flush out all those nasty toxins from your body.

The body is primarily comprised of water -- approximately 60 percent – by ensuring proper hydration this helps to carry nutrients, flush vital organs, clean the blood stream throughout the body and provide moisture to your ear, throat and nose tissue to help with the elimination of mucous from your system.

How to Detox Your Body on a 7 Day Plan

This is one of my favorite detox plans

Morning lemon juice: I usually kick start the digestion and cleanse the system first thing in the morning. I squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a cup of hot water. I drink this first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Raw foods: Aim to cut out the cooking process and eat mainly raw foods. Raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes. Try adding fresh sprouts to a salad daily; opt to prepare a vegetable or fruit smoothie for your meals.  (Cut up, package and store your vegetables the day or night before you plan your meals). If you pre-plan you set yourself up for a more successful day. You never have to compromise yourself with bad choices because your food is already prepared for you in advance.

Drink: Aim to drink three litres of fluid daily. This will help move the lymph and support kidney detoxification. Choose from pure spring water, fresh vegetable juice and herbal detox teas. Green tea is great, add one teaspoon of the dried green tea herbs to a cup of boiling water. I Leave it to steep for five minutes, strain and drink. this is a great tip to learn how to detox your body.

Chew: Aim to chew each mouthful of food 10 to 12 times before swallowing. Bringing mindfulness to mealtimes improves digestion, allowing you to feel a sense of fullness without a need to overeat.

Body brushing: Brush the skin with firm circular strokes before you step into the shower. Doing this daily will support circulation and increase skin detoxification. Using a loofah or natural fiber body brush, Start from the feet and hands, moving up the legs and towards the arms, avoiding the delicate area of throat and face, and any rash or sore spots. Then jump in the shower. Finish your shower with a one-minute burst cold water which brings the blood circulation to the skin 

I've had lots of practice doing this cleanse, if you feel like you can't do the full 7 days, that's OK, do it as long as you can.  Any type of break you can give your organs is always a plus. 

Maybe the next time you try you can do it longer. believe me it took several tries before I actually completed 7 whole days.

Salt water flush/ smooth move tea- This is considered the most difficult part of the detoxification cleansing process.  It is also optional as you can drink the smooth move tea instead, but I certainly would recommend doing the Salt Water Flush every day the first couple of days of your detox cleanses. After that you can do the flush every couple of days if you are finding it very unpleasant or difficult to do.

The salt water helps you to poop, that’s right I said it Poop. How did you think you were going to flush out the toxins from your body? Besides it’s a normal process. This is one of the right ways of how to detox your body with a salt water flush. 

The salt water and /or smooth move tea aids in the elimination process in conjunction with your colon’s function. The salt water takes time to get use to. It doesn’t taste good at all and you may have to practice at keeping it down a couple of times but the results are remarkable.

The smooth move tea has some side effect if you’re not careful, be mindful at how long you have the tea bag steep in your water. Do not leave the tea bag in your water to long, the stronger you make the tea the harsher the smooth move process will be.  If you’re not careful you could experience some cramping form the sienna in the tea.

How to detox your body with alternative methods


During detox aim to exercise for 30 minutes to one hour daily. And not just any exercise – something that makes you pant and puff and raise a sweat like a spin class, jogging, walking uphill, yoga or kick-boxing. Vigorous exercise increases lymph flow and circulation to help sweat out toxins. Hot sauna are fantastic for sweating and clearing out your body sweat glands.

Detox the mind

While you're detoxing the body, its good to clear the clutter from the mind too. Aim for 15 minutes of meditation per day. If you don't know how to meditate, try belly breathing. Start by placing hands palm down on your lower belly. Breathe in through your nose, counting slowly to 3 or 4 counts. Feel your tummy rise with the breath. Breathe out just as slowly, allowing the belly to drop. Do this for 15 minutes daily.

Sleep-Stress management

make sure you get plenty of sleep an, adaquent amount of sleep is absolutely necessary for your body’s rejuvenation process. Do your best to stay as far away from stressful situations as possible.  You don’t want to expose yourself to any undo stress, the process of detoxing your body should be as stress free as possible.

Eat more fruits, such as apples, which have powerful antioxidants and pectin apples clean the digestive system. Who doesn't like apples?" I eat at least one apple every day.

In addition to all the benefits I've mentioned a detox cleanse can make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow.  Reap the benefits of how to detox your body today.

Things to avoid during your detox

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Milk products (except ½ cup unsweetened yoghurt with acidophilus)
  • Sugar, honey, maple syrup, artificial sweeteners
  • Coffee
  • Grains: wheat (bread, biscuits, cakes, pasta), rye, barley, oats, spelt and rice 
  • Dried fruit

Foods to Enjoy during Your Detox

  • Water: from one to three liters of water per day
  • Fruit: any and all fresh fruit
  • Vegetables: any and all fresh vegetables
  • Fish: fresh, canned in water or olive oil
  • Lean red meat, chicken (without the skin). Limit to two serves per week.
  • Nuts: raw unsalted almonds, walnuts, macadamias and cashews
  • Seeds: raw unsalted sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Green tea, white tea, weak black tea (decaffeinated)
  • Legumes: dried such as kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils
  • Eggs: preferably organic
  • Olive oil (preferably extra virgin), Coconut oil (unprocessed)

How to detox your body

Learning how to detox your body so that you could effectively support, heal and feel more healthy and energetic, it's not just a matter of eating clean alkaline foods and preventing as many toxins as possible from entering the body. This is absolutely essential but this is just the first step in the process of clearing out years of toxins from your body. However, the real key is to be consistent with your new practice of good health.

A detox cleanse is far from a quick fix for weight loss. The purpose of any detox plan is to take the load off the organs that detoxify the body – the kidneys, bowel and liver, while at the same time supporting and improving their performance. If you desire the optimum health benefits, give your body a break, or if you just want to detox diet for a short time, following these safe and do-able suggestions will help to put you on the right road to good health.

Our bodies have an amazing detox system already in place and there's no need to spend great amounts of money on expensive treatments and products. A better and more maintainable investment in your health would be to eat more natural foods, follow the 80/20 rule of sticking to a healthy diet the majority of the time but allowing yourself the occasional treats, and cut back on sugar, salt, additives, caffeine and alcohol.

Note: Don't detox if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, have high blood pressure, are underweight or against your health practitioner's recommendation. Ask your doctor before trying a detox cleanse.

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