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Food Journals and my Tops 5 Tips to help with Belly fat loss

1. Determine if you’re a writer, typer or texter

Food Journals & Tracking

Depending on your personality, schedule and access to gadgetry, you may want to keep your food journals online, on your cell phone in a word doc, your desktop, or in a physical grasp of a small paper notebook.

I’ve kept all versions, but I mostly prefer to use my phone app called lose it! ~ because I can open it up in a snap and always have my cell phone with me. My friends and family all know I’m a social media junkie. 

2. Designate one or two times a day to write or log everything you’ve eaten that day

Write everything down. I would highly recommend you write or log everything you eat one time midday and one time at night. The more often you can write or log your meals , the less you’ll forget to document them… and that’s a very good thing for a successful food journal.

3. Focus on portion size

Food Journals

Here is a guide for measuring serving sizes without having to bring kitchenware around with you:

Protein Portions

  • women: the size of your palm is 1 serving
  • men: the size of both your palms is 1 serving

Veggies Portions

  • women: the size of 1 fist is 1 serving
  • men: the size of both fists is 1 serving

Carbohydrates (fruit, grains, starches) Portions

  • women: the size of 1 cupped hand is 1 serving
  • men: the size of both cupped hands is 1 serving

Fats (nuts, oils, nut butters) Portions

  • women: the size of 1 thumb is 1 serving
  • men: the size of both thumbs is 1 serving

It is very important to track mindless eating and cravings that pop up at certain times of the day. It is just as important as what you’re eating, make sure to write down how much you’re eating and the time your eating. 

4. Highlight Opportunities

An “opportunity meal” is part of that 10% of the time that you can eat unhealthy and still get the results you want. For most people, this comes out to 3-4 meals a week, Again be mindful of your goal.

When keeping your journal, highlight these meals so you don’t end up with more than your expected goal.

5. Don't cheat yourself

Most often than not I'm really tempted to fudge in my journal when I've been bad on my diet. I feel so guilty recording things like potatoes chips and ice cream sandwiches that I've eaten at 10:00 pm! But, that's the great part about recording your food... if I'm honest, I can really follow trends and patterns in my eating habits and prepare for them next time. So, I'm totally honest in my food records.

If you can't be true to yourself than who can you be true to?

Food journals are one of THE most important physical tools for a person trying to adopt healthier eating habits.

It offers so many benefits:

  • accountability to anyone you show it to (even if it’s just to yourself)
  • a track-record of what does or does not work for you
  • a sure-fire way to think twice about that second piece of cake

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