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Homemade Colon Cleanse Recipe To Help Flush The Bloat Away

This homemade colon cleanse recipe will totally flush your colon, give your body a boost, and allow you to experience maximum detox power. 

We have an excellent homemade colon cleanse recipe Flush for you today. 

This is for sure going to be one of your favorite colon cleansers of all times, what you'll need for this recipe is a few simple ingredients that will cost you less than $5.00. 

This flush will clean your small and your large intestines, sweeping all food and debris from your digestive canal and balancing your body PH level. Baking soda helps to alkalize your body. juice from lemons also helps make your body more alkaline. A good body pH is 7.35.  You will be using both of these ingredients for this homemade colon c;cleanse recipe .

Ingredients - Homemade Colon Cleanse Recipe

Colon FlushThe Best Colon Flush
  • Baking Soda 
  • Lemon
  • Filtered water


Step 1

Use 1 whole lemon, Cut the lemon in half, using a lemon squeezer squeeze the juice from both half of the lemon and put the juice in a tall glass. Preferably a 12 or 16 oz glass. The power of the lemon juice and baking soda together acts as a powerful, safe cleanser. 

Step 2

Add 2 Full table spoons of baking soda to the lemon juice in your glass, you will notice the juice and baking soda will fizz and rise to the top of the glass. Allow it to fizz and wait for it to stop, but mix gently until the fizzing stops. ( you may have a little spillage but that is OK. 

Mix your ingredients according to the recipe's instructions and let it set for about 10 seconds or more, but not to much longer.   This step is critical for making sure you've incorporated the right amount of ingredients.

Step 3

Continue to use your tablespoon to mix ingredients. Once the two ingredients stop fizzing add 16.9 oz of filtered water measure out in your recipe. Leveling the measuring- this is to give you an exact idea of measurement before completing the recipe. You are allowed to add more water if you like. Giving more or less to the taste of the recipe. (I usually add additional baking soda and water for a better flushing effect).

Step 5

Once the ingredients are combined you can now drink the recipe. I suggest that you drink it down all at once with very short breaks between taking breaths.  


Measure 2 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 whole lemon juice for every 16.9 oz of filtered water, Mixed together to makes this recipe. 

Step 7

Now you will wait until the concoction breaks down all the congested food, mucous and debris in your digestive system. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to flush from your system.  Make sure your near a bathroom because your body will evacuate several times before its complete with the homemade colon cleanse recipe you just made. 

I've added the products I use for this recipe for your convenience 

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