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Remove Belly Fat For Good: 4 Principles To Live By

Do you want to learn 4 important principles that will help you flatten remove belly fat ? We''ll in this article I'm going to share a few  basic principles that have really helped me to achieve some favorable results.

Now, There are many dangerous and ineffective tricks about how to lose belly fat instantly. I just want you to know that there's no "mystical secrets" that will target abdominal fat over night. Although, I can help to explain what causes an expanding waistline and how you can make that spare tire go away for good.

Below you will find 4 of my greatest principles that I've used to help me battle the bulge.  I'm sure you'll be able to find something in this article you can use to help you as well. 

What cause our expanding waist lines?

Many people start gaining more weight in their belly as they age, especially if you have stress in your life. The body fat distribution changes — less fat goes to your arms, legs and hips, and more goes to your midsection. Some people even find their waistline widening while their weight remains the same. Nonetheless, this article will help to do away with belly fat.

Breakfast Is the most Important meal of the day

Eating a hearty breakfast will kick-start your metabolism and keep it high throughout the day, it also aids in burning more fat.  Please remember this; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Without it you’ll never get your metabolism revved up.

Light Exercises Helps A Flat Tummy

Do something you enjoy for exercise such as sports, cycling or exercise classes. It will improve your mental drive and the more you do it the more you'll enjoy it, take my word for it. 

Doing a few jumping jacks, planks or push-ups just after waking up will help kick-start your metabolism and also wake you up!

An easy way to burn more fat is to walk everywhere within a reasonable distance. You can save money on gasoline, and also save wear and tear on your vehicle. You may save parking charges and/or cab, bus or subway fares. All you need are comfortable shoes (take your dressier shoes with you if necessary) but walk, walk, walk. Pick up the pace as you get fitter to quicken those short journeys and smile at all the traffic going by.

Try to avoid rice, pasta and also bread, whole wheat is better but too much can make your stomach bloat.

Exercise in the morning. It burns more calories than any other time of the day. It can be hard waking up with energy so try and get as much sleep as possible, around 7-8 hours of sleep for adults. 5-6 hours of sleep for younger adults.  you will see and feel the difference in your daily energy level if you get enough sleep every night. 

Skipping (jump rope) is great for losing body fat. It burns more calories than running. I actually prefer skipping rope as opposed to running. I find it fun and it makes me feel young again.

Your Eating Habits Are Important

Eat Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince,and dinner like a peasant. 

Eat a heavy breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a light dinner.Eating the correct fat burning foods can really help you to remove belly fat.

Graze. Eat small snacks every few hours. A few nuts, grains or seeds, a piece of fruit, or a small piece of dark chocolate...choose your favorites and have them handy. but moderation is the key!

Drink plenty of water before and after each meal. Water fills you up so you won’t be as hungry, water also helps clean your system and washes away fat cells from your system.

Green tea is a brilliant alternative to coffee and other drinks that are commonly consumed. Green tea is also know to help you release toxins and that's a great start in helping you to remove belly fat from your frame. 

If you want to remove belly fat you should eat smaller dinners. You don't need to stop eating what you like, but try eating smaller portions inch by inch. Large dinners tend to hurt a fat-loss process because people aren't very active after huge dinners.

Do not eat anything within 2 to 3 hours before going to bed".  Most experts that say your dinner is stored as fat and that statement isn't entirely true.

The process is much more complicated than that, but the fact that you don't move after dinner is enough to hurt your cause. Try to offset this by eating a larger lunch or snacking healthily before dinner.

Before eating something, think about why you are eating it. Is it because of real body hunger? If not, don't eat it.

Remove Belly Fat

The way our bodies distribute fat is largely beyond our control and can be dependent on several factors (genetics, Stress, menopause, age or thyroid problems. The list goes on, but what is within your control is your level of body fat overall — if you keep that low, it won't really matter where the fat goes, as there won't be much fat to distribute in the first place.

If you get lots of sweet cravings, replace sweets and sugar with fruits. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than the empty calories of white sugar that are in most candy and processed foods. The fiber in fruit also helps to slow the absorption of the sugars so you don't get as high a sugar spike (and as low a crash).

Calorie Counting Apps

There are lots of free calorie-counting apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, android and surface tablets. These are a great easy way to track your food, and many will input brand name foods and their nutrition facts for you! I personally like to use the lose it app.  It’s easy to use and it come with additional features as well.

Try to ride a bike to near-by places, such as the grocery store or a friends house. Bike riding helps to remove belly fat because you have to really use your core muscles to balance yourself.  Cycle around for an hour. It will also help in losing fat from all over your body.

Your health is the most important reason to battle your  buldge

When you feel dragged down because you haven't slept much, consume lean proteins. Without proper sleep, we tend to crave sugar and junk food. Curtail this by eating lean proteins (nuts, fish...).

Make a fun exercising and cleaning game to get through all of your chores and help you to raise your heartbeat so that you can burn some extra calories. 

If you don't have weights for resistance training, you can start by lifting anything heavy. Or, you can use gravity as resistance: do pull ups, pushups or lift or jumping jacks at home.

Take a lesson from your kids; once you see those little rascals playing, you can join the fun. Romping around with your kids can help you to remove belly fat without you feeling like your actually doing any exercises.

Walk at the same time each day and if you can run a mile a day you should do so, I have a dog so having a dog makes it easy to walk at the same time consistently. 

I hope this article helped you to think of some great ways to remove belly fat .  These are tips and principles that have helped me to lose weight.  These tips are not only practical but their easy as too remember and follow.

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