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 Belly Fat Weight Loss: Tips for a Flatter stomach

Belly Fat Weight Loss

We have body fat tissue all over our bodies. Believe it or not  fats are essential to our health. When your dealing with a belly fat weight loss plan remember that there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. So, please don't think that all fats are bad. We need some of these essential fats in our bodies to function on a day to day basis.

Fat is stored as reserve food because it can provide more than double the amount of energy produced by carbohydrates, so it's healthy to have a certain amount of fat on our bodies.

Though, body fat distribution generally differs from person to person. There are commonly two types of fat storage in our bodies:

  • Visceral fat (surrounding internal organs)
  • subcutaneous fat (beneath the skin - about 80% of all body fat)

Despite many claims of spot fat reduction (i.e. " belly fat weight loss") - it rarely happens this way. When you lose belly fat weight your most likely to lose weight in other parts of your body as well.

We all commonly suffer from extreme amounts of fats we are carrying around in our bodies and we all want to trim down. So we are going to help give you some guidance on how belly fat weight loss can be accomplished today.

Belly fat is a complex problem that’s linked to a variety of uncontrollable factors (genetics, gender, and stress) but what and how much you eat is by far one of the largest determinants. With that said in order to successfully lose belly fat there are a few easy strategies you can use to help start the process to get you on your way to a better middle section.

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Belly Fat Weight Loss Tips

Exercise to lose Stomach Fat

Consistent Vigorous exercise trims all your fat, including visceral fat. There is no getting around it, its a fact, Exercise is the best way to start removing the fat from your mid-section.

You should get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week. Walking counts, as long as it's brisk enough that you work up a sweat and breathe harder. Your goal should be to elevate your heart rate at a faster rate, much more than usual.

To get the same results in half the time, step up your pace and get vigorous exercise -- such as aerobics, jogging or walking a try. You'd need to do that for at least 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Vigorous workouts on stationary bikes and elliptical or rowing machines are also very effective.

Moderate activity -- raising your heart rate for 30 minutes at least three times per week -- also helps. It slows down how much visceral fat you gain. But to torch visceral fat, your workouts may need to be stepped up.

Run with the kids, Garden, try doing yard work,play soccer, or even go Zumba or dancing.  Your work out doesn't have to only be done in the gym.  Get creative and doing something you most enjoy.  But remember to elevate your heart rate. 

The Belly Fat Weight Loss Diet

 Diet Guidelines to help your waist line

There is no magic diet to remove belly fat instantly. But when you lose weight on any diet, belly fat usually goes first.

Getting enough fiber can help to reduce belly fat. Most weight loss research shows that people who eat 10 grams or more of soluble fiber per day -- without any other diet changes -- build up less visceral fat over time than others. That’s as simple as eating two small apples, a cup of veggies, or a half-cup of pinto beans daily.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is very high in calories: 7 calories per gram, almost as many as in a gram of fat. Most of the in-digested alcohol is converted into acetate by the liver, which is then released into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that acetate is used by the body in preference over other fuels, particularly fat, thus putting the brakes on effective abdominal fat loss.

In addition, an alcoholic drink either prior to, or during a meal, has been shown to increase the caloric intake at the meal, probably due to the appetite promoting effects of alcohol.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying well hydrated encourages the body to use the kidneys rather than the liver for eliminating waste products. One of the liver's main functions is the conversion of energy from stored body fat. If the liver does not have to focus on eliminating waste products, it can concentrate on mobilizing body fat cells.

Water provides no calories but can increase the feeling of fullness. It has been suggested that drinking large volumes of ice-cold water could actually burn calories. This is because ice water needs to be warmed to body temperature when it enters the body, which requires energy (calories). Consuming 2 liters of ice water a day would result in roughly 70 extra calories burned, now that's a diet plan I can live with.

Start losing unwanted belly fat so you can live a healthier lifestyle today!

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