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Losing Belly Fat Can Revive Your Sex Life

Losing belly fat In today’s world, we live in a society where image and physical appearance are practically everything. It seems that only those who are healthy, fit, and have a lean, perfect stomach or six pack have a good sex life. These people are on billboards, magazine covers, and television commercials they exploit them all over the place, right?  They also appear on advertisement campaigns showing ways and methods to increase the quality of your sex life. When your on the road to losing belly fat please be encouraged that you too can be as sexy as any of those billboard hotties.

Since my recent weight loss I’ve learned from experience that there is a direct correlation between fitness and a healthy sex life.  I didn’t realize how much better sex could be once I got more physically fit. But to achieve that toe-curling, orgasm-inducing, long lasting, almost-unable-to-breath sex, it does take a certain level of fitness that extra weight can prevent you from attaining. There are certain physical conditions that go along with obesity that affects our sex drive including belly to belly hindrance to get our freak on. Losing belly fat has to play a key role in our motivation for this reason alone.

Flattening your tummy will help your sexual encounters become all the more frequent, and I’m sure that’s what we want to accomplish, right?  I know I do!  Once the increased, more intense physical attraction takes place between you and your mate happens, not only will the sex be better than ever, but you and your mate will want to engage in sex more often. The benefits of this are obvious…for you and your partner. Believe me, I know from experience. Once I understood that losing belly fat was important to my cardiovascular health, my energy level  and my sex life, I didn't take my weight loss seriously. 

Losing belly fat will not only resurrect your sex life but it will also make you and your partner much happier overall. Remember how all the experts and talk shows you see on TV tell you that more sex is the answer to your relationship troubles? While most of us blow off this advice, there really is some truth behind it the saying. Sex is a very strenuous, physical, emotional and intense event. Sex allows for the release of all emotional and physical stress and frustrations, leaving you and your partner more relaxed, less irritable, and feeling closer to each other

My experience with losing weight has caused my sex drive to increase to such an enormous degree, It’s really exciting to recognize that the effort I’ve put in is causing such major changes in my body, and even if you don’t feel physically sexier just yet… you’ll certainly feel empowered. And power is always sexy. In all seriousness… losing any weight is going to be an awesome experience, and losing belly fat will be an added bonus to your journey

Before setting a plan in losing  belly fat it is important that you get checked out by your doctor. He will run a full medical checkup and make sure that your belly fat and BMI index is down to poor diet and lack of exercise and not some underlying illness. If you are extremely overweight, he will also discuss an exercise plan with you and will probably suggest that you only do workouts under close supervision. Please pay attention to his/her advice as I wouldn’t want anyone to harm themselves or create any serious illnesses. Are you ready to start the process to getting that sexy tummy in shape?

Now, after you get the advice from your doctor and everything checks out the first thing you always want to do before exercising is warm up. This helps to prevent exercise strains and pulled muscles and it’s the reason why all sportspeople do a warm up routine before they do any form of workout. Gentle stretching is all that is required. Now lie flat on your back with your hands by your sides. Take a deep breath and holding it in; gently lift the upper part of your body about 10 cms off the ground. You are using your abdominal muscles to do this not your hands. Hold for 10 seconds and then relax. losing belly fat takes some initiative, you'll be proud of yourself once you get into your new routine.

Sounds simple right? Go and try it and see how hard this one is at least at the start. But practice makes perfect and it is a great tummy toner.  This exercise really does get easier and easier with time.

Try losing belly fat to revive your sex life with these
fantastic exercises:

Leg Lowers- Lying flat, curl the upper body, chest over your ribs cage, with your hands behind your head. Lift the legs up with knees bent at a 90 degrees angle, knees over hips, ankles level with knees. Keeping the hips down, slowly lower the legs toward the floor without changing the bend in the knees then lift them back up. you'll be losing belly fat in no time at all.

Seated Rotations- Sitting up, bend knees and legs together and place arms across the chest or in front of you. Tuck the tailbone and roll back slightly as you alternate rotating the spine right and left. Once you get the hang of this exercise your belly fat will start to melt away.

Bridging: Stretch till you feel the burn! Lie flat on the floor with your hands resting by your sides, feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart and knees bent. Now, contract your abdominal, lower back and gluts and slowly lift your midsection to form a bridge from your knees, through your hips to your shoulders. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then slowly lower yourself down.

·        "Avoid this exercise if you are suffering from lower back problems."

Stability Ball Crunches: Start sitting upright on top of the inflatable exercise ball, feet flat on the floor, and knees in line with your hips. From this position, inhale, engage your abs and lean back so that your body is behind the vertical; take care that you use your stomach muscles here and not those supporting your lower back. Hold for a few seconds before returning to the upright position. Losing belly fat never felt so right.

Eat Breakfast

I know you have heard this before – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The first meal of the day revs up your metabolism.  A good high-carb and protein breakfast and a serving of fruit (simple sugars) will jump start your fat-burning properties and give you energy for the morning at least until the afternoon.  Skipping breakfast only inspires the body to store fat when you do finally get round to eating. If you can’t stick to breakfast then you simply won’t manage to eat frequently to lose weight.

Frequency of Meals

Eating frequently throughout the day will help in your weight loss. Small portions of healthy, balanced meals help to keep your metabolism active and stop you from getting hungry. It is such an easy principle to understand and yet so many people find it very difficult because we usually imagine that we are too busy to eat healthy.  Eating regularly does not mean spending most of your day deciding  which meal to choose next. Simply split large portions and suddenly your 2-3meals a day meets the required 5-6 meals. With frequent nutrition, your body is being fed more efficiently. Your muscles are getting a regular supply of nutrients and your blood sugar is more stable – reducing the wild cravings that lead to snacking and eating at the wrong times.

Be sure that your meals are planned with fruits, vegetables, proper proteins and complex carbohydrates.  Please do thorough a search on how to properly proportion you meal, times and frequency's. and you'll be on te right road to that sexy sinful, body.  Good luck to you.

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