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Common Causes of Belly
Fat in Women

Eating a hamburger

There is a war going against belly fat in women. There are thousands of workout videos, books, magazines, and websites dedicated to the female fight against belly fat. From young girls embarrassed of their small muffin tops to women trying to take off a hundred pounds of excess fat, this is one health problem that affects all age groups and races. The female population has spent generations struggling against the bulge of their bellies.

Are you ready to stop battling your belly fat and begin the process of defeating it once and for all? The first step is to fully understand what causes your body to store fat along the center of your body. From there, you can develop a plan to turn those contributing factors around.

Top Reasons for Growling Waistline:

Not Moving Enough

Do you sit still more hours of the day than you stand or move around? If you spend hours sitting at a desk or lounging in bed or on the couch, this could be a leading factor in your belly fat gain. The female body is designed for movement and is quite strong and powerful when fully utilized. Turn your sedentary lifestyle around, and your belly fat gain is likely to turn around as well.

Do You Say “No” To Yourself?

How many times have you told yourself that you do not have time to exercise, cook a healthy meal, or spend time doing something enjoyable because you had to take care of others? Do you spend more time helping others and saying “yes” to others than you spend saying “yes” to yourself? If so, you are sabotaging your own health like millions of other women around the world. Start saying “yes” to yourself and treat your health needs like required elements of your daily life. Put yourself first and your belly may be less fatty.

What You Putting Into Your Body

Food Choices

Most women focus on eating less when they want to lose belly fat, but that is not the complete answer. One leading cause of female belly fat is excessive and/or routine consumption of saturated fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. These foods have little nutritional value to your body and can make you crave more food. Drinking calories is another issue, since the drink does not contribute to a sense of satiety yet contributes to your calorie consumption each day.

Low Muscle Mass

Some women believe they are intended to be less muscular than men, and most do not want to look masculine. The problem with this is that you need muscle mass to burn maximum calories each day and fight belly fat. Women can be well toned and muscular without look like men.

Causes of Belly Fat In Women:

Hormonal Fluctuations

As you age, hormonal changes can contribute to belly fat gain. Stress hormones are a leading contributor to excessive belly fat as well. Relieving as much stress as possible and choosing to live a more carefree, happy life can help control protrusions in the gut.


Genetics can set women up for fat gain in the stomach, but you can overcome that setback. Lifestyle will win out in the end if you seriously focus on turning around the causes of belly fat in women that apply to your lifestyle and body.

Turn the Tide


You do not have to starve yourself, but you should pay attention to the nutritional value of the foods you choose to consume. You do not have to become an avid bodybuilder, but you do have to add some type of exercise into your daily life and try to remain active. Notice that these solutions to belly fat in women require personal choice.

It is your choice to beat the fat now that you know what causes the fat to accumulate.  You CAN do it!

What Can You Do? 

Getting rid of the flubber can be hard, and it often seems that belly fat is the last fat to get worked off, core training and slimming diets will often help you win this battle, Flat tummy exercises, and monitoring what you eat is a sure fire way to get those sexy, flat, dream abs you desire. 

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