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Reducing Belly Fat By Pooping Regularly

Your plan of reducing belly fat with a detoxification program can be exciting especially if you plan it right and have the correct information.

Fact: Your bowels play a major role in reducing belly fat. Pooping daily is key to this process because the stools left in the colon for long stretches of time tend to dry out, impact, and harden up very quickly making your intestines and tummy fat, hard and bloated.

destroybellyfat bellyHave no fear, your flat belly will be here!

Before we get started, please read this important disclaimer:

Important: Please DO NOT conduct a detox Program without medical guidance if you:

  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Are under the age of 18
  • Have active cancer
  • Have liver disease or hepatitis
  • Have Type 1 Diabetes
  • Are on medications for bipolar disorder
  • Have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed
  • If you have a medical condition, see your physician of choice before starting this program.

This detox is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please visit your doctor prior to any detox or diet regimens.

Foods to include and exclude
while reducing belly fat during your detox

Do Eat

  • whole vegetables,
  • leafy greens 
  • non-gluten grains
  • stevia
  • beans
  • lentils
  • green tea 
  • apple cider vinegar
  • wild fish
  • organic chicken & turkey
  • whole fruits 
  • berries, nuts, seeds
  • coconut oil
  • Melons
  • Plant base protein powders

Don’t Eat

  • Dairy and eggs
  • anything with gluten
  • wheat
  • processed sugar
  • soy
  • coffee, soda, alcohol
  • beef, pork - animal proteins
  • creamed vegetables,
  • peanuts
  • corn oil
  • Whey Protein

Daily Bowel Movements are key to your Detox

What do you think would happen if you don’t take out the trash at your house? You guessed it! it will pile up, attract pests, and quickly become a real problem.

While reducing belly fat during your detox your body is taking out its own “trash” by eliminating toxins through the bowels, kidneys and skin. Having daily bowel movements will help make sure that toxins aren’t re-absorbed into your system. Sometimes your bowel movements will increase when doing the detox. Other times you may be constipated. If you are constipated here are a few resolutions  to it:

  • Stay hydrated: Drink enough water so you use the bathroom at least once every hour.
  • Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods: Fruits, Include leafy green salad, cherries, figs, prunes, pears, aloe juice, warm lemon water, or natural green vegetable and fruit juices.
  • Move it: Do some movement and exercises daily. Walking, light strength training and light yoga works great. Remember the keyword here is LIGHT, do not over exhort yourself while your detoxing.  all the energy should be saved for the body to do its cleaning. 

A person should move their bowels after each major meal, but not less than once a day. This is very important while trying to reducing belly fat. If you fail to do so, you are considered constipated on some level. This causes inflammation in the colon which makes your stomach pooch outwards giving you a fat belly look. 

Reducing Belly Fat Bulge After Pooping

Let me explain how a bowel movement actually works, so you‘ll understand the proper context of how its designed to work:

  • A natural, un-stimulated bowel movement is always started by an involuntary urge sensation. Although the sensation itself is unconscious, by the time we have grown out of ‘diapers,‘ we have been encouraged to learn how to suppress this urge consciously.0

  • The sequence of events preceding the urge to move the bowels begins with gastrocolic reflexes — a complex serious of unconscious events, usually in response to eating solid food or drinking fluids, particularly on an empty stomach or a couple hours after our last meal.

  • The gastrocolic reflex stimulates a mass peristaltic movement inside the large intestine, which propulses formed stools toward the rectum.
  • Once stools enter the rectum, it contracts to propel them toward the anal nerve plexus, and that stimuli is what sends you flying to the bathroom to actually move your bowels by consciously relaxing the anal canal.

Ideally, teens, young adults, and middle-aged healthy people should move their bowels at least twice a day, usually after breakfast or lunch, and after dinner. Meals that contain dietary fiber benefit the process much more efficiently.

Here is a good homemade colon cleanses that will help you at reducing belly fat immediately: 

Cayenne Pepper-Lemon Cleanse

Step 1

Pour ½ tsp. of cayenne pepper into a 10-ounce glass. Add 4 Tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Fill the glass with warm water and stir thoroughly. Add ½ tsp. of organic maple syrup to sweeten the mixture, if desired. Drink on an empty stomach up to five times per month to cleanse your colon. Cayenne pepper breaks down mucus in your colon, while lemon juice eliminates toxins, states

Step 2

If you don't like the taste of the warm mixture, let the cayenne pepper-lemon cleanse cool for approximately 10 minutes, re-stir and drink.

Step 3

If the cayenne pepper burns your stomach, eat 1 Tbsp. of honey to coat your stomach every 15 minutes or so until it stops burning.

Drink this solution as often as you like during the dayand evening hour for at least 3 days (3 day lemon cleanse detox)

For more homemade colon cleanse recipes please visit my page on homemade colon cleanse

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