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Cortisol Belly Fat Combination

Cortisol belly fat is part of the "fight or flight" response, the body's way of releasing extra energy into the bloodstream when under physical, mental or emotional stress. Cortisol has become a major hormone of fascination, discussion and confusion within the consumer and fitness industry, due to misleading television commercials, radio and advertisements. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced in the cortex of the adrenal glands located on top of each kidney.

Cortisol is released in a highly irregular manner with peak secretion in the early morning, which then tapers out in the late afternoon and evening. Energy regulation and mobilization are two critical functions of cortisol belly fat.  Cortisol regulates energy by selecting the right type and amount of substances like carbohydrate, fat or proteins that are needed by the body to meet the physiological demands that is placed upon it. .  Mother Nature has equipped us with this hormone to help us out in stressful situations.

It is because of cortisol that we are able to harness a strong and quick boost of energy when we need it most.  In the short term, our senses are highly aroused; we think more quickly, our pain tolerance and our immune system are increased. Today, stress response is everywhere. The problem is NOT cortisol release. The problem is the constant elevation of cortisol that can run us into trouble.  Chronic stress is the main culprit, as it causes cortisol to interfere with the exact systems it’s supposed to support. Cortisol belly fat can began being eliminated by relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.


Stress due to cortisol can lead to a variety of issues including increased abdominal fat, blood sugar imbalances, adrenal fatigue, elevated blood pressure,  heart disease, decreased bone density/muscle mass and lowered immune response.

In order to re-balance cortisol levels we must reduce stress and engage in activities that promote the relaxation response in the body which is held largely by the “parasympathetic nervous system”.  The parasympathetic nervous system supports digestive and repair processes and opposes the effects of the sympathetic nervous system.

There are two types of stomach fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is the fat that lies just under the skin. Visceral fat resides deep in the abdomen surrounding the organs. Visceral fat has four times the cortisol receptors than subcutaneous fat and it the most effected, Visceral fat is harder to lose than subcutaneous fat, so exercising plays a major role if you want to see that awful belly fat disappear.

Ways to Reduce Stress and Cortisol Production in Our Bodies:

  • Identify your primary stressor. Focus on reducing stress in the area that is causing the most problems.    Most of the time, alleviating the chief stressors in your life creates a domino effect and also reduces the other minor stressors.
  • Utilize stress reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, belly breathing at stressful times throughout the day.
  • Got to bed on time.  Your body needs and the right amount of sleep each night.   Physical repairs mostly take place in our body at night. That is why proper sleep is important.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar.  Stimulants shift the body into “sympathetic dominance” ex}. “Flight or fight”.  If you must have your coffee, do so before   noon and stick to one cup.
  • Skipping meals creates a cortisol release, so it is important to keep your metabolism working to help burn that unwanted fat.
  • Dehydration is common causes of internal stress eat and hydrate at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Eat the right foods for your Metabolic Type.  Eating too many carbohydrates for your metabolic type creates a cortisol release in response to constantly elevated insulin levels.
  • Use Relaxation Methods. That's right, do something relaxing. Many people don't know how to relax because they have been so high strung for so long, but this takes practice. The more you do it, the better you get. It all begins in the mind, so give yourself permission to relax. You are not being lazy, you are doing something that is good for you and your cortisol belly fat

Stay positive and keep a healthy mind. Listen to your internal self talk. Is what you are stressing about going to matter tomorrow, or next week or even a month from now? If not, let it go. Accept the day for what it brings and look for the positive in all things.


Cortisol is a necessary hormone that is responsible for fuel regulation and is released while exercising, eating, awakening, and psychosocial stress. However, if there is too much cortisol in circulation, abdominal obesity can develop. This type of central obesity is linked to developing cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes mellifluous, and cardiovascular disease. An effective and regular exercise and stress management program may be a key to reducing and or preventing stress-induced obesity.

Cortisol Belly Fat

As more and more research reveals the correlation between cortisol belly fat and obesity it is apparent that besides using diet to control weight, people must also work on ways to reduce stress to lose stomach fat.

Be proactive about cortisol belly fat and creating the life you want, find time for relaxation and recuperation in the one you have. Assess the level of stress in your life. If you are constantly anxious, ask yourself what changes you could make to alleviate anxiety. Now that you've been educated on cortisol belly fat take the necessary steps to get the life you want.

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