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Fat Stomach: 3 Keys to Eating for Fast Stomach Loss

Fat stomach troubles are what most of us are so unhappy with, So when it comes to losing belly fat you have to realize your diet is probably about 80% of the solution. How, what, and when you eat has a huge effect on your body fat levels... especially your abdominal fat levels.

Most good fitness experts will tell you that the best way to reduce a fat stomach is to eat a "clean" diet based around natural unprocessed foods, limit sugar intake, increase your intake of protein and healthy fats, and exercise regularly.

Also by changing your diet, cutting out the "junk" foods, and eating healthier, nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis you'll do more than just lose stomach fat... you'll also significantly boost your energy, improve your health, reduce your risk of disease, and feel much, much better!

Yes, it is possible to get rid of some belly fat without changing your diet and just working out more often. But unless you learn to identify fattening foods and make healthy eating a daily "habit" any weight loss you experience is going to be temporary

The 3 Keys to Eating for Fast, Fat Stomach Loss

In the most simplest terms, there are really only 3 keys to eating for faster, healthier weight loss and less belly fat. Here they are...

  1. Limit or completely eliminate the bad foods in your diet
  2. Learn to identify the good foods as well as the "bad" foods
  3. Eat small, balanced meals containing the good foods 5 to 6 times per the day.

I’m sorry if this list is not as complex as you would have expected to be, but it really is this simple.  We Americans just make things seem hard, there no real science to it just what you see in the list. 

Learning what we can do to eliminate our fat stomach is only half the battle

Learning to identify good and bad foods really isn't that difficult to do. There are many books on diet and nutrition available for purchase. But a simple rule of thumb is this: the more a food was touched by other humans, the less healthy it is.

What Are the right foods to eat to eliminate a Fat Stomach?

The absolute "best" foods for losing body fat and boosting your health are lean proteins (including meats, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, nuts, seeds, and whey protein powder), fresh and steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, oatmeal, beans and legumes, and healthy oils (such as olive oil).

Keep in mind that even some totally "natural" foods -- such as white potatoes -- aren't good to eat when you're trying to lose weight,

Generally, any food that contains refined flours and/or refined sugars is going to cause a significant increase in your body's insulin production. Obviously, these foods (which include most candies, sodas, and junk foods) fall into the "bad" food category mentioned above and should be avoided as much as possible.

Some other common foods that can raise insulin levels and increase your waist are starchy carbs (such as white potatoes, breads, cereals, and pastas) as well as high-sugar fruit juices.

Another great traditional diet for controlling insulin levels and therefore reducing a fat stomach is the "Mediterranean" diet. This diet is based on naturally healthy whole foods such as fish, lean meats, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Unlike the typical Western diet, the Mediterranean diet limits processed foods, refined sugars, and saturated fats.

This diet also helps to control insulin production, eating in this way helps to control inflammation in the body that can cause disease, quicken the aging process, and even increase the amount of stomach fat you have.

If this article helped you in anyway as an easy-to-follow guide to losing abdominal fat, getting fit, and looking better fast please let us know. 

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