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Trim Belly Fat-Gain Sex Appeal and Get Noticed

Trim belly fat, You're at your peak when you're surrounded by sexiness So making little alterations to your routine will mean everything you do becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. It's not just about attracting someone; real sexiness is the total confidence that can make you feel good about yourself. Here are a few ways to trim belly fat, increase your sex appeal and get noticed

Get Inspired

  • Keep a training journal. Write down everything that you do. This initiative will put you on the right road to trim belly fat quickly.
  • Set a date that you have to have your results by. Work towards it every day.
  • Talk to other women or Men who inspire you. There are dozens of other people you network with that have been where you’re at now.  You’ll be amazed at how many people have gone through the struggles you’re currently going through.

Take Action to be Sexy

  • Get up and move. Do your cardio and your weight training but do something else every day that’s physical. It could even be just walking.
  • Cut out a picture of how you want to look and post it somewhere you can see it every day to keep yourself inspired. Post these pictures in places such as your medicine cabinet, refrigerator or your car.  Why not in all three places, I did!
  • Don’t stop working hard until you look that way or close to it, stay focused and say positive affirmation to yourself every day and every morning.  Ex} I’m a winner and I can trim my belly fat and lose two pounds this week.
  • Stand in the mirror naked and look at yourself, what do you want to change, all things are possible. You can lose weight just start by taking one step at a time and start at the beginning.  The beginning is just having the desire to change. 

Create Your Vision

  • Focus on how you want to look in the future but enjoy how good you’re looking now, you’ll feel good about yourself when you start doing the right things for your body with exercise and healthy eating.
  • Assess your body and be real about it. Plan on eating more fruits and vegetables to help you trim belly fat. Do this for about 12-16 weeks. You’ll see a difference, broccoli and asparagus is great for losing body fat, all green vegetable are good for weight loss for that fact.
  • The weekdays are for your new ways of eating, so make sure you enjoy a meal or two on the weekends, but don’t go overboard. Your metabolism needs it.
  • Start posting your before and after pictures on your favorite media platform.  People love seeing transformations and you’ll be able to open some doors for yourself and others, you’ll never know whose life you touched and helped to inspire.  After all, it is about helping each other right?

Do What's Necessary

Cut back on a lot of the processed foods and sugars.  I was eating and replacing them with more protein and good carbs instead. This was an important step I took to help me trim my belly fat in the beginning of my weight loss journey. 


Don't wait until you're in bed with your loved one to unleash your sexy beast. Giving day-to-day activities a sultry makeover will guarantee that the life you want is fun and the things you are doing are damn hot. Make the normal stuff you do sexy, you have to feel sexy and look sexy for yourself.  Your sex appeal starts with you! Man or Woman, we all want to be noticed.


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