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Detox for Weight Loss- 3 Day Detox Diet Plan

Detox for Weight loss- Many people have said a short detox diet is considered more effective for beginners. The best detox diet is the one that increases the energy; this diet will help to guide you on the right path to your weight loss goal.

3 Day Detox Diet

Most of us don’t (or should I say didn’t) even care about the ingredients that are present in our food and drinks these days. Most of the ingredients in our food and drinks have harmful chemicals and preservatives that are very toxic to our bodies.

Most of our food contain hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oil is a man made oil and is made up by infusing oil with hydrogen in order to create a solid. If we continue to ingest hydrogenated oil based foods the accumulation of toxic garbage starts to take place in our system.

Toxins from hydrogenated oils begin to clog up our liver, kidneys, and lymph system to the point that no matter what kind of weight loss regime you do you won’t be able to lose weight. Why you ask?  Well, it’s simple. Your body is so busy working hard to get rid of those toxins that it doesn’t even have a chance to get rid of the fat cells you want to eliminate due to the fact it can’t get clean enough to do so. So of course, this results in weight gain.

If you know what I’m talking about I know you can appreciate this 3 day detox for weight loss diet plan, this diet can be a perfect idea to help you kick off your weight loss journey.

The purpose behind the Detox for Weight loss program is the elimination of free radicals and toxins that are causing problems in various organs in your body and weight gain. 

The 3 day detox diet is actually one of many versions of different cleansing programs that are available. Clearly this diet program is not for everyone.

Most people prefer this short duration detoxification program over the longer versions of detoxification programs, especially if it’s your first time trying a detox diet.

Different fitness experts and dieticians also offer different ways to detoxify. It is important to know that once the cells of the body are damaged then you cannot undo it.

The best solution to weight loss success is to change your eating habits and incorporate exercise regularly.

By changing your diet and exercising more frequently the toxic defense system of the body can be restored. The wonderful thing about this is that the detoxification process does not need much time to repair itself once you start eating a healthier diet and getting more physically fit.

With the help of the 3 Day detox for weigh loss diet plan you’ll notice how your energy level will increase. The true advantage of this plan is that the toxins will begin to be eliminated from the body. As a result the body will feel lighter, vibrant and more vigorous as well as healthier.

It is quite safe to carry out the Detoxification Diet Program in 3 days time. If you compare it with other means of detoxification then you will see that it is not only simple but mild too. Please be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any type of diet plans to ensure your safety.

Detox For Weight Loss: The Plan

In order to detoxify in 3 days it is suggested that you follow these Steps:

  • In the morning, drink at least 8 ounces of warm water, add a fresh squeezed lemon. Adding lemon juice is very beneficial in the cleansing process it will help to increased the flow of the body’s digestive juices. Using lemon in your water allows you to get vitamin C which in turn will increase the digestive juices. I drink water with every one of my meals even if I’m drinking another beverage alongside with it.
  • Consume fiber-rich food items like wheat bread or buckwheat. With this also add three servings of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Raw vegetables like lettuce or celery must be included. Also include blueberries and cranberries. Vegetable or fruit smoothie are a perfect choice in the mornings.
  • During the detoxification phase get some supplements for the kidneys as well as the liver. In this regard the chamomile or dandelion tea can be effective. As a snack you can eat vegetables and fruits. Create a variety of salads and juice during these 3 days. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking eight glasses of water a day is highly suggested.  I used individual bottled waters to gauge how much water I took in a day, this may be a great idea for you too
  • Include light physical activity during the Detox for Weight loss Detoxification process. These exercise may include, brisk walking, jogging, jump roping or aerobic sessions. You should consider  going to the gym and using a sauna, the sauna will help you to sweat and sweating is good to help eliminate toxins from the skin.

When making your salads use fresh vegetables and fruits.  You can make your dressing from the following list:

  • Raw apple cider vinegar
  • Fish oil,
  • Virgin coconut oils,
  • Olive oil that is cold-pressed.

The idea is to eat as clean as you can for 3 days.

  • You may feel hungry during your  3 days of the detox for Weight loss plan, just remember when you think you’re hungry for food drink lemon water, lemon helps to curb your appetite and it also helps in the detoxification process.

Day 1

Detox for weight loss

Breakfast: fresh fruit salad with light Greek yoghurt / 8 of water or more/ Orange juice


Morning Smoothie Juice or blend the following ingredients:

This drink can be taken with you on the go

1 Cup of Water
1 Tbsp. Flax Seed
1 Cup Raspberries
1 Banana
1/4 Cup Spinach

1 Tbsp. Almond Butter

2 Tsp. Lemon

Lunch: lightly Baked Sweet potato topped with a tea spoon of real butter and a creative spinach salad or any salad and tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, strawberries and apples.  Remember not to load it with extras. Use vinaigrette. Avoid creamy salad dressings /Water with lemon/ plain water

Snack: a handful of unsalted nuts or pumpkin seeds

Dinner: Stir fry vegetables with brown rice. Try a mix of fresh vegetables like onions, peppers, baby sweet corn and mushrooms. Chop them, then add some canned ones: pineapple, tomatoes, tomato purée. Mix them all and then add white wine vinegar and honey. Bring to the boil and simmer until the sauce has thickened. You can garnish with brown rice. Water/ Water with lemon

Day 2

Detox for weight loss

Breakfast: Melons, Oranges, or grapefruits . Add seeds, nuts and dried fruit served with light Greek yoghurt./
8 of water or more

Morning Smoothie: Juice or blend the following ingredients:

1 Cup of Water

1 Tbsp. Flax Seed

1 Cup Water Melon

1/4 Cup Cucumber

1/4 Cup Celery

1/4 Cup Watercress

1 Ruby red grapefruit

You can use as much or as little of the fruits and vegetables as you’d like.

Lunch: guacamole from avocado, lemon juice, fresh chillis, tomato and garlic. Garnish with fresh vegetable salad- dip with broccoli, celery or asparagus or whatever vegetable you desire.

Make something at home and take to lunch if you have to work.

Snack: 100g plain popcorn/ ½ bag of microwave popcorn, they sell smaller bags at your local grocery store.
8 of water or more

Dinner: Baked Fish (your preference) . Get a frying pan and pour one tablespoon of olive oil. Sauté a bit of garlic in it, then add vegetables, like onions, carrots and. don’t Sauté for too long. When golden, add diced pineapples and sauté  for a few minutes more. Add fresh vegetable stock, and black pepper. It doesn’t matter which kind, it only matter if you like it Boil and simmer until the vegetables are cooked but still crunchy.
8 of water or more/ Water with lemon

A yummy selection for your Detox for Weight loss diet plan.

Day 3

Detox for weight loss

Breakfast: Bowl of fruits with a topping of light Greek yoghurt., banana slices walnuts. 8 of water or more

Lunch: homemade hummus with garlic, cucumber and lemon juice and served with vegetable salads or your choice of raw vegetables such as: carrots, celery, broccoli cauliflower/ Plain tea /
8 of water or more

Snack: 100g fresh forest fruits (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries) or any fruit cups you like.  Eat whole fruits like: Apples, oranges, nectarines, apricots, plums your choice. But eat lots of fruits.
8 of water or more

Dinner: Baked salmon with pineapple chutney or Bake a salmon fillet and serve with a small jacket (skin on) potato and steamed vegetables or lettuce salad. Plain tea.
8 of water or more

Once you've completed your detox for weight loss diet do your best keep up your new eating habit. You can use a variety of fruits and vegetables to continue your cleanse and in you new weight loss journey.

Physical activity is very important in order to enjoy the long term healthy lifestyle you desire. Detox for Weight loss shouldn't just be a fad diet for you, use this plan as a way to kick off a new lifestyle change.

Benefits of drinking lemon water each day

  • Helps shed toxins form the body
  • Acts as a liver tonic
  • Improves skin tone and quality
  • Works as a natural diuretic
  • Helps dissolve gallstones
  • Breaks down phlegm
  • Relieves nausea
  • Relieves constipation
  • Is a digestive aid
  • Alkalizes the body
  • Improves immunity

Remember this…..

With any detox for weight loss regimen be aware that you may experience some discomforts, such as body aches, headaches, tiredness, and hunger.  Rests assure these symptoms are normal and it will mean that your body is surely going through the elimination process.  So congratulations you’ll be well on your way to better health and weight loss.

Eat Fiber while you detox:

Detox for weight loss

You made the right decision to take your health into you own hands. When incorporating these foods into your detox for weight loss diet plan remember there are many reasons for eating foods as close to their natural state as possible and one of them is due to the fiber content

The more processed a food is, the less fiber it will contain. Take an apple for example. A medium apple, with skin, contains approximately 4 grams of fiber. The same apple with the skin removed only contains about 2 grams of fiber. Process that apple into applesauce and you now have only about 1.5 grams of fiber. Juice the apple and now you're talking only 0.2 grams of fiber in 3/4 cup of apple juice.

Please let us know if this article detox for Weight loss diet plan was helpful to you in anyway. Go to the contact me page and please leave us some feedback.  Thanks for visiting our wonder site.

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